27 July, 2009

My Sarawak

The RM 300 million DUN Building declared open by the King of Malaysia today (27/7/09)

Today marks an interesting event in Sarawak's history. The King of Malaysia has declared open the new Sarawak State Legislative Building or in the local Malay dialect- Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak ( DUN) in the morning. Around 3.00 pm a special Regatta was held in conjunction with the King's visit and the opening of the DUN. The regatta is held at the Kuching Waterfront which faces the DUN .

Thus , I thought it would be appropriate to launch at the same time a new blog called 'My Sarawak ' to remember this auspicious occasion. Since this is the first post I will make it brief and hope that the video above will lure you all back to this blog to know more about Sarawak in future. Please click to play the video showing a Sarawak 'sapeh' player demonstrating the sounds of the 'sapeh' - a traditional four strings guitar-like instrument well-known throughout Sarawak creating that peculiar magic and aura of the deep jungles and discovery that is Sarawak.

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