02 August, 2009

18,000 km and going.!

It has been about two years now since Daisy joined us in our regular road trips to Kuching from Bintulu. Daisy has grown into a full grown adult cat and now staying with us with one of her kittens named Inul. She's now about 6 years old whilst Inul is about 1 year 5 months old. In the picture to the left (inset) she's the one wearing the white,brown and black fur coat. When she gave birth to her first kitten I straight away started a blog dedicated to her and family. Among other things their travels with us would probably make a new Malaysian record for the most travelled cats in Sarawak. Up till now they have achieved a cumulative distance of 18,000 km . For more stories about their adventure please visit their blog : Hav Paws Will Travell. Below is a video clip that was taken when we left the town of Sarikei sometime ago.


  1. Ah, so cute! I wish Batcat would be so comfortable in the car, he hates it.;)


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