20 August, 2009

Here Comes Ramadan

I am always excited with the coming of Ramadan - the Holy Month according to the Muslim calendar. In this month of Ramadan, God closes the gates of Hell and ties up the Devil or Satan. There is Light and Peace thrown upon us on Earth. The windows of opportunity are open to those who seek blessings and forgiveness. One of the five tenets of Islam is vigorously practiced through out this month i.e. the day long fasting which start at dawn till sunset for a duration of one month. As is traditional I would take one or two dates from the deserts of Arabia (see inset) to break the fast with a glass half-full of plain water. It's a physical as well as spiritual training. For the last 11 months I know my body has been fed with all the abundance of eating and drinking. Come Ramadan all the excesses will be checked. My body machine will undertake its yearly overhaul and general maintenance. It's back to basics. While my body goes on a lean production system, my mind and spiritual being seeks a new lease of life. With 'spiritual eyes' open to light, we should be able to see humility better, a clear, straight and short path to living successfully presents itself, followed by a strategic intent to do what is right and abandon what is wrong. Now how could there be so much wrongs on this globe even in the month of Ramadan? I guess even though the Devil is tied up, Satan characteristically whispers and for those with a faint heart the temptations are always there. It's business as usual.
There is so much added value, extra bonuses and dividends waiting for the faithful in the month of Ramadan that once its over I will normally shed my tears of joy after having lived the month in one piece and God willing - peacefully. For those celebrating Ramadan I wish you all Happy Fasting. Salam.

Above: Inside of Sarawak State Mosque, Kuching.


  1. Ah, lovely post! Just last weekend I saw a program about Ramadan on the Discovery. It was very fascinating. Particularly the culinary culture of this religious observance; how everyone gather to restaurants and cafes after the onset of darkness.
    I am wishing you a Happy Ramadan.:))

  2. Dear Protege,
    Thanks for the best wishes.

  3. Pak Mood,
    Happy embracing Ramadhan & Selamat Berpuasa to you. May we doubled the amal ibadat in this Holy month as if it's the last Ramadhan for us.


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