14 August, 2009

Kuching Garden Update

I have been staying in Kuching for slightly more than a month now. The Kuching garden is shaping up beautifully. For one thing our presence in Kuching enables us to water and carry out general maintenance of the plants on daily basis, the latter being critical in times of drought that Kuching faces in July and now continuing to August. On the left (inset) is a LS view of the side garden of which the planting has now obscured the fencing. Below is a medium shot picture of the side garden showing the many varieties of plant materials used to colour the garden. Generally I am quite pleased with the result thus far, though further improvements are possible.


Side Garden - facing south, showing various plant species

Side Garden - Yellow Bells ( Tecoma stans)

Side Garden - new Hibiscus flower in close up

Side Garden - Spider Lily ( Hymenocallis littoralis )

FRONT GARDEN - Inside view

Front Garden - inside, cu of plumeria flower ( Plumeria rubra var. acutifolia)

Front Garden - inside, cu of Ixora flower ( Ixora coccinea)

Front Garden - Outside, cu of Drunken Sailor ( Quisqualis indica)

Front Garden - outside, a long shot view

Left Front Garden - outside view

Left Front Garden - inside view

Notes: The above pictures cover July - August 2009 period.

P.S. For more stories about gardening in Kuching and Bintulu , please click this link : My Gardening Projects

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