12 August, 2009

Long Boat Race - Sarawak Style

In Sarawak we call it as 'Lumba Perahu' or Long Boat Race. The just concluded regatta at the Kuching Waterfront was an interesting event for the year as it was held in conjunction with the official opening of the new Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building or in short DUN (' Dewan Undangan Negeri' in Malay). The normally still waters of the Sarawak River was turned into a playground for the regatta races of which the main attraction in Sarawak is the long boat race which is paddled by 20-30 paddlers depending on the type of boat and the category of the competition. The Sarawak Regatta is a yearly event held at the Kuching Waterfront. Below are two videos I took that capture the mood and thrilling moments at the Regatta.

1 comment:

  1. That was fun to watch! You know the music could have been taken from my childhood, similar music was played when I lived in the former Czechoslovakia on Sunday afternoons. How extraordinary.;))


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