28 August, 2009

Ramadan Bazaar at Satok

This afternoon I drove downtown to Kuching City to see what's up at Satok 's Ramadan Bazaar. Surprise was more like it. The Ramadan Bazaar here must have been the biggest in Kuching and therefore Sarawak. My conservative estimate put the total number of stalls or traders at 200. On sale were an extensive variety of culinary delights. There were various types and manners of cooking -fishes, meat, rice, pancakes vegetables, local desserts,etc.,. All sorts of colourful iced drinks, cakes, biscuits, dates, fruits, etc., were there to wet one's appetite. Indeed the Ramadan Bazaar is a unique phenomena in Sarawak where one can buy food in tiny quantities at very reasonable prices for breaking of fast. But there is more that meets the eye. People from all walks of life take an afternoon off to feast their eyes and meet acquaintances or friends in an atmosphere of festivity and delight. I guess this is one tradition that deserves a permanent place in the hearts of Sarawakians. Below are more pictures I took of the Bazaar. ( Inset: "A Roti
Canai" seller places the popular pancake on hot plate)

A long shot view of the sheltered walking and trading area ( in case it rains)

My favourite "ikan terubuk" fish in smoked or barbecued style. Can never say no.

Grilled seafood - prawns, cuttlefish( squids) & fishes with special sauce

"Nasi Bryani"- something like Moroccon "kush-kush" in tumeric yellow colours. Nasi Bryani is a mixture of Basmati rice from India, cooked in spices, ghee, milk and meat.

And finally the traffic jam around the Ramadan Bazaar. Be early to avoid being stuck in one. Best time to visit the bazaar would be 4-5 pm.

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  1. MMMmmmm, I am so hungry now! The Couscous looks so delicious!
    Have a great weekend.;))


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