27 August, 2009

A Ramadan Poem

Sejenak Fikiran

Maka ...
Berebut-rebutlah mencari ilmu
Untuk mendakapNya
Moga jalan terang diberkati
Cahaya yang mengenalNya
Di lubuk rindu kehadiranNya
Siang bermesra kasihNya
Bermalam pada sayangNya
Redha dan takwa
Pada jiwa yang luhur
Ya Rabbi.

7 Ramadan, 1430 H.
( 28-8-09)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hi Mahmud,

    I notice that you like poems. I like to write poems too. In fact I published an anthology last year.

    This must be due to our English Literature when we were in TLS.

    Please browse my other blog: http://rizalbob.multiply.com/ for my poetries.

  3. poem yg menusuk kalbu... :) as long as my name is in there, i am happy... ehehee...mesra selalu ya pak...

  4. I do not understand it, but I bet it is lovely:;))

  5. Rizal= Thanks for droppin' by. I'll check out you other blogs soon.
    Moochiku = He he he, take care my dear
    Protege= Nice having you drop by.The poem is in Malay and I don't think I can say it better in English.Yes, it does have deeper shades of meaning.

  6. great poem. I really liked it.
    Ramadan mubark

    I also published some Ramadan Poems. I hope you will visit



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