05 September, 2009

Ramadan Bazaar at Bintulu

Any casual visitor to Bintulu will notice the prevalence of men and women walking the streets, entering banks or shopping at supermarkets wearing coveralls in various colours. From labourers to engineers coveralls are standard outfit for this industrial town. The Ramadan Bazaar at Bintulu is no exception. Bintulu is the showcase of Sarawak's industrial might. At Kidurong heavy industries zone ( see inset) covering an area of about 1000 acres are located the key projects of its industrialisation programme. To mention just a few - liquefied natural gas plants, middle distillate synthesis plant, fertiliser plants, crude oil terminal depot, oil palm refineries,industrial glue plants, medium density fibre board plant, etc. The workforce to its industrial growth are subjected to wear coveralls while working inside the plants for many safety reasons.
Yellow coveralls means a step towards industrial progress.

Bintulu's famed fresh fishes are popular Ramadan offerings.

The Ramadan Bazaar at Medan Raya has ample and organised car parking spaces, wide choice of prepared foods, drinks, cakes etc.

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  1. I think the fish looks really fresh, I bet it tastes great as well.;)))


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