06 September, 2009

Ramadan Bazaar at Miri

I drove north , a distance of 200 kilometers to Miri on a day trip today. Left Bintulu around noon time and arrived Miri at 3.00 pm. While in Miri I dropped by at the Ramadan Bazaar ( see inset). There were a wide choice of foods, drinks and goodies on sale. I shall let the pictures below do the talking. After breaking fast, we left Miri at 8.00 pm and arrived home safely in Bintulu at 11.00 pm. Have a rewarding week ahead. And Happy Fasting for Muslim friends.

A mini- pick up loaded with sugar canes for juicing.

Cakes were plenty. I opted for pudding cheese cakes.

Not to be missed. Grilled hot dog, fish ball, chicken wings, etc..

The crowd like every where in Sarawak's Ramadan Bazaar is a potpourri of races.


  1. Great pictures, I have never seen sugar canes.;))
    Also love all the blooming trees below.;))


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