23 November, 2009

Nan Bread

Today I managed to try something new called " Roti Nan". ' Roti' is Malay for bread. 'Nan' isn't Malay but is Pakistani for pancake cooked in a clay oven. A short Q & A with the Pakistani cook had me convinced that this type of bread/ pancake is good for health because there is no frying with oil in order to cook it. Instead the dough is slapped onto the hot inner walls of the big gas-fried clay oven ( see inset). With the aid of two long iron rods the Pakistani cook quickly removed the hot bread from the oven and then with the speed of light sliced the bread, sprinkled some pieces of garlic and spread butter on it. Next came a small plate of yellow "dhall" beans ( see picture below) as a final dressing to the show. It's refreshing to know that Bintulu has 'roti nan', something unheard of say five years ago. It's a sign that Bintulu is catching up in one respect. And there are Pakistani cooks in Bintulu.

Gas-fired clay oven

My afternoon break with 'roti nan ' served with garlic, butter and 'dhall' beans costing RM 3.00 a plate. Cheap for a healthy food.


  1. This reminds me of a "nan" bread served in Indian restaurants.;) It looks very similar and is prepared the same way.;)
    Lovely picture, now I am hungry.;)

  2. I'd love to try it! It looks delicious, and healthy makes it more desirable.


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