29 December, 2009

To the East, To the East

Typical view of the Pan Borneo Highway. Bintulu which is to the east of Kuching is 600 km away and about 10 hours by our Ford pick-up inclusive of pit stops for rest.

Me and Mama Daisy on our special travelling mattress.

JUst the other day, fospa mentioned of his intention to go east. He has many times over the course of a few days talked to us about going east. Ya, I know, I know.. but I am not ready. How can I tell fospa about him? Oh, the neighbour's tom cat has broad shoulders, long and white body and piercing eyes that kept me melting away! Soon, I'll have to say good bye to him and that thought made me cry. At about 8.20 am on 28th December, we proceeded with our journey to Bintulu. I was crying again during the first half hour of the journey but Mama Daisy was always there to stay close to me and comfort me. Sooner than expected I began to join Mama in having long cat naps. Sleep would be a better word to describe Mama's marathon naps. On this 19th trip to Bintulu, fospa made pit stops at Serian and Betong. Finally we arrived Bintulu around 6.40 pm in fine weather.
Below are pics taken of the memorable journey east.
Rice fields around Sri Aman looking healthy and fertilised. The rice fields will be harvested sometime in April or May next year.

A small town park in Serian.

Mama Daisy got all the onlookers attention at the petrol (gas) station in Serian. On this 19th trip to Bintulu, Mama Daisy and me set a new record for the most travelled cats in Malaysia.
Cumulative Distance Travelled = 22,200 km
achieved on this 19th trip to Bintulu(28/12/09)
For more stories about our record breaking journey, please it check out at Hav Paws Will Travell
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A town park at Betong.

In Betong-old wooden shophouses still compete with newer concrete ones.

Seasonal Fruits of Sarawak - On this trip many seasonal fruits were seen and sold along the whole length of the Pan Borneo Highway. It's the end of year season for many types of local fruits. Here are some examples we saw.
"Dabai " fruits were seen from Serian right up to Sibu. Depending on the variety and quality most were sold at an average price of RM 5 per kilo ( see inset). Fospa adores Dabai fruits.

Ripe "Dabai " fruits on trees

Very seldom seen "Kundong " fruit.

Unripe mangosteen fruits are green, ripe ones blacken to deep purple.

" Langsat" fruits on tree branches, literally speaking.

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