30 August, 2009

18,600 km and going!

Today (30-8-09) we are on the road again. Around 7 am Mama Daisy oversees fospa loading our pick up truck ( see inset). With the car fully loaded, we left Kuching at 8.20 am. As promised I was a good girl today. After about 40 minutes of the journey, my nerves were cooled. There were little screams or cries from me. But Mama was exceptional. She now takes the travelling to catch up with her lost sleep. Kuching was not a totally peaceful place for her. There were three tomcats that tried to 'tackle' her. Hah!...and all to failure. How come these black , white and light brown tomcats did not match up to her expectations is beyond my understanding. Is she trying to play 'hard to get'? I wonder.
Fast forward, we arrived Bintulu at 6.30 pm. Today's journey is just about the average time we take to cover Sarawak's Pan Borneo Highway from Kuching to Bintulu i.e. 10 hours. With this trip we clinched another 600 km to our existing record of 18,000 km. To catch up with more stories about our record breaking journey, please follow this link Hav Paws Will Travell. Thank you Guys!
That's me! Remember Inul?

Mama Daisy keeps on napping, napping, napping, naappiinngg, naaapppiiinnnggg..

Mama says, " Inul, follow me speak English .. the banner reads... SIBU CENTRAL MARKET.. ..get it?"

Sibu is three quarter of the journey from Kuching to Bintulu. Below are more post cards of Sibu town.

The Express Boats Terminal - these long river boats are superfast!

A River Cruise Boat parked at the Sibu Waterfront.

A section of the Sibu Central Market. At the foreground is a pile of sunhats worn by local women in Sarawak to protect their faces from the sun and rain while working in their gardens or open spaces like paddy fields.

Notes: Cumulative Distance Travelled = 18,600 km
achieved on this Btu - 16th trip ( 30-8-09)


  1. Well traveled and cute cats!;))) They have seen more than me.;))

  2. Oh yes, Inul and Daisy are really adorable. Thanks for visiting them.


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