12 August, 2009

The Convenience of Kuching

Presently I'm enjoying the convenience of Kuching and for a good reason. I've been busy lately reading, downloading articles and journals, taking down notes and drafting answers to assignments and group work as well as presentations. Exams for both Advanced Economic Analysis and International Business have been slotted ten days from now i.e. on Saturday, 23 August in Kuching. I therefore decided to stay back in Kuching slightly longer this time around to prepare for the exams. Exams are very much a part of my doctorate programme with the Asia e Unviversity. In this dual-mode learning programme 60% of marks are allocated to coursework and the balance for exams. Even though the programme is web-based, we do have Face to Face sessions or tutorials with our professors. In Kuching I can concentrate on my studies because unlike Bintulu, my computers here can operate safely for longer periods and into the late hours of the night without much trouble because the electricity I get here is provided by the local electricity board. In Bintulu my computers would have to run using electrical power generated by two gen sets that run on alternative shifts. So I thought for the sake of the exams I'd better 'overstay' a little bit longer coz I don't want no regrets. Below is a video I took of the generator hut at my farm in Bintulu sometime ago.

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