31 August, 2009

Kambatik Stream Overflows

View of flooded "Kambatik Stream"

Around noon today heavy rains poured over at the farm. The tiny stream that flows by our chalet suddenly turned into a river in just 30 minutes. Our farm is situated in an upland area and the stream is part of the network of tributaries that combine to form a river some three kilometers towards the coast. I name the stream that passes our farm as " Kambatik Stream".

After the torrential rains, our "Kambatik Stream" returns to its normal flow and size


  1. Wow, that puts our rain to shame. What a difference in such a short time! Were you not worried about your farm?
    The fruit below is very interesting, it looks like a coconut.;))

  2. The stream is small and though it meanders through the farm, the flooding is restricted to very limited flat areas around its banks. Since the farm is on upland and hilly landscape, any torrential rain water gets flowed out very quickly downstream. The occasional flooding does not affect the oil palm trees because they are planted on slopes and non-flood prone areas.


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