26 August, 2009

Mama Daisy Crosses Sarawak's Longest River

I saw Mama Daisy looking out the window with her long piercing eyes today. She's wondering about tomorrow. Very soon we'll be on the road again. News is in the air. Fospa is doing the finishing touches to all his assignments and soon will be submitting them. He stroked Mama Daisy's neck this morning and said " Daisy, get ready we'll be hitting the road soon. The moment I submit my assignments we'll be back to Bintulu." Those words sent Mama looking sad and dreamy this morning. I brave myself and asked fospa " May I see the video of Mama crossing the mighty Rajang?" " Hmmm...no sweat. OK, I'll upload the video for the world to see." said fospa. "Oh..is that so? " I eagerly replied. Fospa continued,"Yap, promise me that you'll be a good girl on this journey back like you used to?" " Meooooww.." I replied with the most innocent smile I could throw on fospa. I saw a muscle of relief on his tired face. " OK, Promise I will !" I answered fospa willingly. ( Below is the video showing Mama Dasiy crossing the Mighty Rajang - Sarawak's longest river at the tol bridge in Sibu taken on our earlier trip back Bintulu/P.S. The little girl at the end of the video clip is me - remember Inul?)

For more stories about our journeys, ple crawl along this link http://havpawswilltravell.blogspot.com/

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  1. I am still in complete awe of how your cats love the car ride! They should come over and teach Batcat a thing or two. He HATES to ride in the car.;)
    Beautiful video and beautiful post. Love the picture of Daisy looking out with dreamy eyes.;))


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