13 August, 2009

The Wonder and Wanders of Cats

Cats do wonder and wanders. Inul was out in the garden and came home with a pawful of success. Daisy couldn't stand the heat outside. Sarawak for the last week has been facing the annual haze problem and the air population index for the last week has risen to dangerous levels, but not yet hazardous to health ( API reading of 180 in a few towns) To counter the heat Daisy rolled herself up in the sink. A pretty good idea.
What ideas are Daisy up to next?
"Let's see. Aha... I prefer fospa to do the thinking", Daisy said as she concentrated on reading between the lines. Oh ,yes ! Another thing, do not forget to include journal articles in the list of references. Yes, peer-reviewed ones. Well. its just a reminder ". "Thanks Daisy , you're a real help".

"I don't read sentences. I read between the lines ". So says Daisy.

Inul and her catch of the day.
P.S. For more stories about Daisy and Inul browse their blog - Hav Paws Will Travell .


  1. Your cats are so cute and I love the narrative.;)) The sink picture is absolutely adorable!;))

  2. Oh,most pleased to hear that. Thanks for droppin' by.


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