07 September, 2009

Bintulu in "Poui"-ring Petals - a video

I took this video on 7-9-09 to give a better dynamic feel to the splendour of the "Poui" trees that are in full flowering during the months of July to September in Bintulu. In the video two trees are significantly captured viz the "Poui" trees planted at the road's central median and road shoulders and the majestic and tall Royal Palms ( Roystonea regia) .
The Poui Tree - some notes
The Poui tree ( Tabebuia) is sometimes referred to as the Trumpet tree on account of its large trumpet to bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink or white. The pink flowered variety is called Tabebuia rosea and the white flowered variety as Tabebuia alba. Poui trees originated from South America. They are fast growing and can be easily planted as large rooted pollarded stumps where it is necessary to trim or prune extra branches during transplantation. They can reach a maximum height of 50 feet and being a medium -sized tree should be planted on medium- sized to large- sized roads with a planting distance of about 30 feet. The crown is spreading with showy flowers that are clustered at the tips of the branches. The are briefly deciduous during and after flowering but return almost evergreen after that. In Bintulu they flower profusely this year due to the very distinct dry spell for the two months of June and July which induces or stimulates the flowering. The spent flowers form a colourful carpet of pink or white petals that gives much temporary beauty to behold.

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