28 September, 2009

At the mouth of Likau River

For many years I have not chased tiny crabs seeking refuge in their dugout homes. Or cross the South China Sea from the mouth of Kemena River at Bintulu town to the mouth of the Likau River riding 3 meters high waves on speedboats using twin-powered 200 horsepower outboard engines. The sea breeze at Likau River on 23th September,2009 gently washed my face of the wonderful memories I spent at the mouth of the river in the eighties when I frequent the place very regularly to check progress on the development of the park facilities. In those days there was no road access to the park and in developing the facilities the only means of transportation for materials, equipments and manpower to the site was by sea using barges pulled by tugboats and small sea -worthy crafts like speedboats and long boats. Twenty years fast forward, I could see much changes at the park from the initial works we did earlier on.
The Mouth of the Likau River

To enter the Likau River, you need to be able to negotiate well this river mouth with rocky outcrops. There are many instances when boats hit the shallow rocky bottom and thereby capsized or sunk. This river mouth is also the main entry and exit point of salt water crocodiles that habitually make the Likau River their favourite home.

I saw one tiny crab and chased it to its hideout. The beach at the mouth of the Likau River is combed with thousands of these crab hideouts.

The sign is a constant reminder to give due respect to those ancient and living creatures. Who dares swim!!!
Above, an older signage and below is one recently installed using Sarawak's hardest timber material called the "Belian" wood.

The Suspension Bridge

A suspension bridge links the Park's Administrative-cum- Visitors complex to the entrance of the Similajau National Park at the right of the picture. Below the bridge flows the Likau River - looking calm but infested with man-eating crocodiles.

Above are examples of day shelters to protect visitors against rain and sun.

The canteen constructed in the eighties is still in good condition and running.


  1. It looks like a beautiful natural area.;) It will be a feast for me to be able to visit your blog now when our summer has ended; to get my daily shot of exotic and warm images.;))

  2. I just want to make sure you are ok, considering the earthquake in Sumatra. I am not sure if you are effected at all, but I hope all is fine.


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