10 September, 2009

#First Facts of Bintulu - Council Negeri

I just noticed that a new stainless metal plate has been securely fastened to replace an older one that was vandalised about a year ago. Does it take that long for the Council Negeri or Dewan Undangan Negeri to act?
Anyway here's part of the notes written on the shiny stainless steel sign.

" Council Negeri is the oldest legislative and the biggest fully elected Assembly in Malaysia. On this site, the Assembly was established and its first inaugural meeting was held on 8th September,1867. The Second Rajah of the Brooke Government, Sr Charles Brooke and five British officers and 16 Malay and Melanau community leaders in the state attended the meeting".
Being a Bintulu dude, I feel proud of the Malays and Melanaus here for being part of a unique history in the founding and development of modern democratic practice in Sarawak and now Malaysia. I have regularly written on the colourful early history of Bintulu and the fort where the first Council Negeri was held. Please follow the following links:



A monument in the form of a clock tower is erected on the site of the first Council Negeri Meeting. The monument is called " Tugu Council Negeri " in Malay to mean 'The Council Negeri Monument'

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  1. So interesting, I will try to follow the links.

    I like the top picture of the plate and the way you are reflecting in it.;))

    Thank you for that lovely comment you left at my place yesterday, it means a lot.
    I always appreciate when you stop by.;))

    Have a great Friday.;)


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