11 September, 2009

A Fruitful Morning Walk (11/9)

With a "parang" ( machete) in my right hand and wearing a comfortable safety shoe, I went for a morning walk at my eco-farm. I met a few outstanding performers and one new achiever. The latest achiever is a species of the "tipus" ( see inset ). Outstanding performers are the " Jering " tree and the " Cempedak" tree, both delivering this year's tons of seasonal pleasure and thrilling moments. For international visitors to my blog here's today Malay word mystique - "Buah" means Fruit.

Buah Jering or the Jering Fruit

Buah Cempedak or the Cempedak Fruit

...........Sawit or the Oil Palm Fruit ( Fill in the Blank)
Of course, it's much better to learn Malay if you say the word 'Buah' and consume it at the same time!! Have a fruitful day.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I am thinking how sad it is that I will never get to see such an interesting fruit ever in my life.
    But at least I get to see it here on your blog.;))


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