17 September, 2009

Fun at the Farm

It's been a very,very busy week. The last post has been a week ago. Fospa has been kept busy with a never ending "To Do List". While fospa finishes outstanding works in preparation for the Hari Raya celebration, I was busy too. I explored the environment around the chalet ( see inset). Fospa said, " Inul, we're gonna hav some fun painting this new extension which will serve as our eco-farm's office." The new extension work provides for 3 additional rooms which become my temporary playground before they receive a concrete floor. I noticed the writings on the wall. Fospa has scribbled his initials "MY" just for the fun of it.

There was flooding again to the stream that meanders around the south-west side of our chalet. The heavenly water has filled up all our 7 large 200 litres storage tanks and would be able to carry us through over the Hari Raya holidays. There is no piped water at our farm. We survive here using rain water for washing, bathing, cleaning, while the water from the stream is occasionally pumped to water the plants at the farm's nursery. Fospa often takes his bath at the 'abah' or garden verandah/patio with the forest as background. He says," Inul, in Kuching we can't enjoy this luxury. Here we have the whole forest for our bathroom!"
At the 'abah', we get our due share of water distilled from the heavens.

The stream overflows quickly after a heavy 30 minutes of tropical torrential rain.

Finally, I saw this moth at our chalet's door. I like the dripping white tail wings and the fine antennae of this dark brown moth. Moths are common visitors to our farm. For more stories from me, please fly in our special blog : Hav Paws Will Travell.

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  1. Ah, lovely pictures. So exotic and tropical, with the rain. I love rain when it is warm I almost never get to experience in Scandinavia.

    The moth is beautiful.

    You are so talented , keeping up with so many projects at all times.
    Have a wonderful Friday.;)


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