20 September, 2009

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in Bintulu

Today marks a special day for Muslim people in Bintulu ( and elsewhere around the world) when they congregate at the Masjid Assaykirrin to celebrate the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. I was part of the crowd that gathered here early to perform the special Aidil Fitri prayers followed by a sermon. Prayer time started at around 8.00 am Malaysian time. What was special today was the large number on non-Bintulu residents comprising of foreign workers from Indonesia and Bangladesh to partake in the congregation. There are easily about 20,000 or more foreign Indonesian and Bangladesh workers in Bintulu who are employed as contract workers in the oil palm plantations, plywood factories, construction sites and domestic households and service outlets like restaurants, petrol kiosks etc.,In Malaysia the government allocates two days of public holidays in celebration of the Aidil Fitri festivity.


  1. Dari saya dan keluarga:
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, encik Mahmoud. Mohon maaf zahir dan batin.


  2. by the way, i like the arches of the mosque. do you have a picture of it?

  3. Terima kasih,Saudara Eki.
    Anytime soon when I drop by at the mosque,I'll take more pictures of it and will send them to you.

  4. I heard about the end of Ramadan on the news, this a big celebration in your part of the world, I believe.;)
    It is indeed strange how time flies as I recall as it was only recently that you posted about the beginning of this holiday.

  5. Zuzana, Yes indeed time flies. I spend most of my Ramadan days in Bintulu and now its over, I'll soon be packing my bags and hit the road to Kuching. It's just like a twinkle in the dark night.


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