05 September, 2009

Mama Daisy Relaxes in Bintulu

Mama Daisy could't wait to arrive Bintulu on this 16 th trip ( 30-8-09). She joined fospa at the driver's seat to help with reading the instrumentation. " Yep, we've just hit the 90 km an hour speed" Mama meowed. "The sooner we arrive Bintulu the better it is for everybody. Be cool gal" was the reassurance she gave me. Mama prefers Bintulu to Kuching. Life in Bintulu is more relaxing and natural. In Bintulu Mama has the whole farm to herself except an occassional visit or two a day by neighbouring cats which she found a daily occupational hazard to shoo them away. To protect me Mama will chase away any uninvited guests through mud, stream and forest. She was extremely mad with those cats who have characters like car repossesors thinking that the whole world owes them for their unruly, crude behaviours much sanctioned by the town's bankers.
Mama likes it at Downing Step. It's her best spot on a hot afternoon.

She loves grooming herself.

Mama on Top of the Roof

Mama coming closer to admire the pink flowers of the Poui Tree. Cats wanna hav fun too.

P.S. Today's story is focussed on Mama. To know me ( Remember Inul?) please step along here:- Hav Paws Will Travel

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