08 September, 2009

Sweet tasting Cat's Eyes ( Euphoria malaiense)

Early this morning I dropped by at my father's house. I noticed the " Cat's Eyes" fruit tree ( Euphoria malaiense ) he planted was bearing ripe fruits on low branches. I couldn't resist the temptation. I gathered about two kilos of the ripe fruits to be consumed later in the evening for breaking of fast. I have a definite weakness for a similar kind of fruit that is the 'longans' ( when as a boy I used to buy them as preserved fruits in cans largely imported from China. I guess it must have been about twenty years ago that these " Cat's Eyes" trees were becoming favourites for small to medium-sized town gardens for the sweet and juicy fruits they produce. It is from this tree variety that Kuching ( capital of Sarawak) got its name because ' mata Kuching' means ' cat's eyes' in the local Malay dialect, of which these trees were prevalent around the place where Kuching was named. Judging from today's performance I would be too very happy to plant them in my garden or farm.
I can consume all of the above at breaking of fast time. Hmmm....temptation, temptation, temptation.

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