28 September, 2009

A Tree of Power- the Tongkat Ali

On a recent trip to Sungai Likau which sits at the entrance of the Similajau National Park in Bintulu, I was pleased to see the efforts of the Park's authorities in replanting the "Tongkat Ali" tree ( Eurycoma longifolia) around the Administrative -cum -Visitors complex area. The tree is native to Malaysia. In the inset (left) is a picture of the tallest "Tongkat Ali " tree I saw at the complex area. In the Malay language, " Tongkat " means ' a walking stick' and "Ali" is a common male gender name among the Malays. The tree has a singular long root that when pulled resembles a long stick.
I was introduced to the tree way back in 1986 when I was involved in the landscaping of the Bintulu Golf Course where they grew naturally in large quantities on the original site of the golf course at Tanjong Batu. The "Tongkat Ali" tree is endemic to Bintulu especially along Tanjong Batu Beach to the Similajau River, a coastal belt of about 20 miles long. In the 1980's it was a kept secret among practitioners and hobbyists of traditional medicine about the aphrodisiac properties of the Tongkat Ali tree. The easiest way to enjoy its potent force is to drink the water from the boiled roots, after slicing them into small pieces. The boiled water taste very bitter. However it is generally believed that the bitter the taste the stronger its power. I used to drink it to prepare and build my stamina for cross country races, jungle trekking adventures, strenuous 18-hole golf games etc., where enduring stamina is needed. For example , take a 500 ml bottle of boiled pure Tongkat Ali while doing the 1st nine hole and don't be surprised when you see yourself like running to finish the 18th hole and then spiritedly to continue with the next nine!!!. Later on, I took to drink it on daily basis for many years, probably for about a duration of 20 years to help me maintain my general body welfare. I dare say that it has worked wonders for me. Thus if people are not familiar about the tree and scared to drink its roots, well don't worry it will not do you any harm. Rather the Tongkat Ali is good for one's overall health and instant prowess because it has the potent power of a steroid and an aphrodisiac.

Ripe fruits turned red and very ripe ones blackened.

A Tongkat Ali shrub in flowers.

Tongkat Ali trees planted in rows behind the Park's Administrative-cum-Visitors complex. The roots are boiled and drank to get its potent power.


  1. Tongkat ali is a wonderful plant - beautiful to look at and beautiful results when ingested!

    Tongkat ali

  2. Thanks,

    I will have a look as soon as I can and get back to you with my comments.


    Tongkat Ali


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