24 September, 2009

We cut the 19,200 km ribbon

Today(24 Sept.) we left Bintulu around 9.00 am to head for Kuching. Fospa had prepared us some excellent food( barbecued sting ray) last night to make us happy. On this 16th trip back Kuching, we were accompanied by our fosis and her friend from Kuala Lumpur who joined us for the Hari Raya celebrations in Bintulu. As usual I used to cry and scream for the first 20 minutes of the journey, then with constant and fond words of comfort from fospa I began to get hold on to my nerves. Mama was in her queenly best. She has taken the habit of taking long naps throughout the journey and I slowly begin to learn adopt her most sensible behaviour.
On this trip we made our first pit stop at Sibu which is a 3 hours drive from Bintulu. Below are some interesting pics of Sibu. From Sibu to Sri Aman, fosis took over the steering wheel to give fospa much needed rest. The second pit stop was at the junction of Sri Aman where fospa ordered a glass of thick black iced coffee drink. From Sri Aman fospa drove the car right till Kuching. We arrived Kuching around 7.30 pm safe and sound.

Fosis at the steering wheel.

Mama having long naps and me getting to like the habit, too. Remember me Inul?

Up ahead is our van which fospa decided to transfer to Kuching . The van was driven by our fosbrada accompanied by fosma. The dark green forest alongside the highway are oil palm plantations that are a common sight around Bintulu and Betong.
Sights of Sibu

Where you can see poultry sold in style.

Lanterns over the streets to welcome the moon cake festival.
Note: Cumulative Distance Travelled = 19,200 km
achieved on this 16th trip back Kuching(24-9-09)
For more stories about our attempt to create a Malaysian record for the most travelled cats in Malaysia, please check it out here at Hav Paws Will Travell

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  1. I love following your cats during these trips. They are so adapted to this by now, Batcat would need a few tips.;))


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