20 October, 2009

Getting ready

Today (21/10) fospa broke the news. Tomorrow we'll be on the road again. Fospa eagerly checked the computer for our images that have not been posted. So here they are. In the picture (inset) Mama Daisy is seen at her favourite loitering place. Must have been the cold concrete floor and the shade that makes the place groovy. Here's a little secret about me. It's a habit of mine to put my paws on Fosma's hand when ever I get the chance to nap or cuddle close to her. This touching act Mama Daisy will never allow me to do to her and thus makes me wonder. Why does Mama not allow me be friendly with her? Am I past my age of being treated like a cute little girl? Anyway, I always like to treat Mama Daisy as a true friend, even though at times ( many times actually) she would snarl and show her disagreement. We young girls need love too Mama.
Remember me Inul?

I am that big girl above.
For more stories about our adventure follow this link~ http://havpawswilltravell.blogspot.com/
See you all in Bintulu soon.


  1. what a cute girl she is. looks like Uwee's mom (her name's Maw Maw). I still can't imagine taking my cat on a drive without putting him in her carrying case. I'm afraid he's go wild and ... well you know ...

  2. Safe journey tomorrow.. Love you guys!!


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