08 October, 2009

On the way - the Back Courtyard

I'll be in Kuching for the whole month of October. While busy studying and preparing for my series of tutorials next weekend, assignments that follow and an exam slotted at the end of the month, I'll continue to pick up on my back courtyard gardening. The side garden is more or less completed by now, though more continuing experiments, additions and subtractions are a pleasant activity to further improve it. The yellow bells flowers ( Tecoma stans)(see inset) mark the entrance to the back courtyard. My idea of the back courtyard according to my "Laman Kambatik "or the Malaysian Garden concept is basically that of an edible garden. In Malay there is at present no name for 'edible landscaping'. Thus I have coined a term to describe it. I call it "Sara Landskap" in Malay. Truly, I'm the only one soul to use this term in Malaysia at present. Whether it will be used commonly in future is yet to be seen. If it ever does, then the word originate from me. Will it be taken up by DBP? I wonder.

CU of the Chinese Lantern ( Physalis alkekengi). It's tiny round fruits taste like tomatoes.

The above pictures illustrate quickly what I mean by edible landscaping. If you plant the Chinese Lantern ( Physalis alkekengi) within a matter of weeks, you'll be able to enjoy its fruits right from your backyard. Besides fruit trees, the essential planting materials for a "Sara Landskap" are herbal plants and they can come in all sizes, shapes, tastes, colours, heights and preferences to shade and sun. I'll expand on this idea on edible landscaping in future posts.

View of my next challenge. The yellow bells plant ( Tecoma stans) to the right, is my starting point for the edible garden.

View of the side garden, mostly completed from the back courtyard.


  1. Absolutely love the two last pictures, there is so much green. A colour that is getting scarcer in my part of the world as fall progresses.;)
    I think your name for an "edible" garden is great.;)
    Btw, I meant to ask you, how is it going with your exhibition?
    Good luck with preparation for your tutorials.;)

  2. Dear Zuzana,
    I have underestimated the 'toughness' of my doctoral course and as I progressed I found that I need to spend more time to maintain the grades.As a result I have to postpone the exhibition to next year. Thus far I have scored A's for all the four subjects taken and intend to keep up with the good standing for three more subjects till end of this year. Anyway, I really appreciate your keen interest.
    Keep in tune.


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