15 October, 2009

Two Years Tall

While writing this blog post, the end of year rains are tapping on my rooftop and the abundance of heavenly water it pours on the garden will be evidenced tomorrow on depressed surfaces over the garden floor. With the coming of the wet season, I will normally start to add new planting materials to the garden as a welcoming gesture to the days ahead of garden renewal and green sprouts. It has been just about two years down the road when we made the once-in-a-lifetime decision to put foot in Kuching. We have no regrets even though the decision was highly pragmatic and in the most casual "take- it-as-it-comes" approach.

Front Garden as at November 2007.

Front Garden today.

The rains will come and go, like our entrances and exists of daily existence. It will come and nourish the garden. Our front garden plot is small but has been a great a spiritual retreat , a story of growth and decay in the working wonders of nature . Besides the garden has been a most pleasurable physical workout place to unwind my hurried life. It's about two years tall and the garden is shaping up well. It sings out a calling in me to live up to my whole senses ( spiritual, emotional, intellectual and civil) in order that the garden of my life will be filled with moments of discovery, wonder and blissfulness. Like a blessed garden our life has to be lived in, re-worked and re-discovered not once but continuously.
Does your garden grow?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, look at that difference; the palm tree has grown like crazy! No tree would grow this fast here.;) The warm tropics make everything grow as if by magic.;)
    My garden is not growing anymore, it is winding down getting ready for winter sleep;)


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