23 November, 2009

21,000 km & a season of fruits

Me ( Inul ) and Mama Daisy on our travelling cushion

"This is Mama Daisy's 18th trip to Bintulu and I'm on board to achieve our new record of 21,000 kilometers of road journey from Bintulu to Kuching and vice versa", said Inul. This time around Sarawak is in the midst of its year- end season of fruits and our travel was made more interesting with the countless pit stops along the Pan Borneo Highway. Fospa took this opportunity to savour the rich variety of fruits available. On this trip fospa first stopped at a handicraft shop situated after the town of Serian ( see inset), which is just about quarter of our journey. From the shop fospa bought a small rattan basket that will be used to keep our food for long journeys in future.
Inside the village handicraft shop. At the middle foreground is the rattan basket fospa bought for us.

Above is close up of 'rambutan' fruits of yellow variety planted next to the handicraft shop, and below red rambutans planted by the roadside somewhere along the middle half of our 12 hours journey i.e. near Sarikei town.

Entering Sibu town. From here it took us about 3 hours to reach Bintulu.
ETD Kuching : 8.45 am
ETA Bintulu : 8.30 pm
18th trip to Bintulu - 18/11/09
For more stories of how we started this journey of our life time , please click on the link below:

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