04 November, 2009

Durians on My Back

Just a quick note. I'm back in Kuching. But wait, not till I get a load of durians. That's just what I did yesterday (4/11) when we stopped by the Pan Borneo Highway after Sri Aman ( see inset). There were many fruit stalls set up temporarily by the roadside offering a range of local seasonal fruits at this time of the year. It's indeed a season of fruits in Sarawak right now and this will continue till end of December. More stories later.

A smiling vendor with happy customers selling an assortment of fruits near Sibu. There were pomelos, bananas, oranges, dragon fruits, Malay apple fruits, mangosteen, rambutans, etc..

I have so many favourites when it comes to local fruits. Above is the yellow durians called "Nyekak" by the local Ibans and next to it is the "Rambutan" fruit.
My kind of a fruit party.

The journey to Kuching this time around was fine all the way, except for a punctured tyre before arriving Selangau which was duly repaired in time for the next three quarters leg of the journey. Despite the rainy season, we didn't encounter a single drop of rain over the 10 hours journey. We left Bintulu ( with the cats) at 9.00 am and by 7.00 pm was at our front gate in Kuching, and so very grateful that we made it safely.


  1. Wow, look at that interesting fruit! I wonder what does it taste like? Is it sweet or sour? Juicy? And do you only eat the yellow flesh? I can see something white too, looks like a coconut shell.;)
    I am happy you are back home safely again.;)

  2. wahahhaa...cali juak mami and bapak tok.. happy lalu dapat meli durian.. :)

  3. Fruits are some of the things I missed most after I moved to NZ. Durians, yummy!


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