27 November, 2009

Friends Droppin' By?

It was a real surprise the other day. Mama Daisy was growling and snarling. Something was amiss. What could it be? I kept jumping higher and settled at the top of the bookcase. When Mama Daisy made noises, fospa checked what's happening. First, one came out of hiding. Then a second came into the limelight. Soon a family came to town ( see inset). " The kittens look very cute", said fospa. Fospa decided that they should be allowed a temporary stay at the veranda for a while until the two kittens are weaned out from their milking. I'm not particularly happy with the arrangement because I'll not be free to roam around the veranda. I am not ready to call them friends yet. They are stray cats and probably belong to some one. Anyway, I don't have much choice. For the time being both me and Mama Daisy will just avoid the veranda. We don't want trouble, do we?

First one out of hiding

The second coming

Remember me Inul?

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Bye, for now.

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  1. Ah, so cute, what a great surprise.;) Lovely kittens, Batcat sends his best.;)


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