21 December, 2009

December crowning glory

You would have imagined that the tree tops of forests canopy are the last competitive space of the gigantic rainforest trees proudly claiming the winning height with their latest outcrop of new green shoots into the tropical blue sky above. But come December I am in for a beautiful surprise. Throughout Sarawak the vigorous Bauhinia climber (Bauhinia kockiana) steals the show for it is on top of everything else. December is a time to look at tree tops as the Bauhinias scrambled over the trees to provide a magnificent crowning glory to the permanent gigantic columns of greenery. It makes me wonder whether the ancients have seen this acrobatic display and created the 'crown' intuitively in the shape of encircling vines to be accorded to the best achieving athlete for the vines are above the tallest trees and then conferred over our short human frame. Well, it's just a December thought to haul me up forward to a new year of which I am desirous of more success in business as well as in learning. The best is yet to come!
CU of Bauhinia kockiana species

Crowning December Glory

Trailing the December climbing beauties here in Bintulu are two favourite species of mine
and are shown below.

CU of the purple Trumpet Flower ( Bignonia magnifica)

The trumpet flowers are woody, vigorous and tough climbers and as such are ideal for pergolas or trained as colourful urban tree climbers.
Below is Close Up of the flowers of the Garlic Vine ( Cydista aeuquinoctalis)

Garlic Vines grown at the Sarawak State Library or Pustaka Negeri Sarawak,Kuching.

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  1. My dear friend, always a joy to come here and get a sense of tropic and the view from an exotic land.;)
    You are one of my dearest and oldest friends here Mahmud and I would love to wish you a wonderful Holiday season and all the best in the New Year to you and yours.
    Many hugs from Zuzana and Batcat


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