04 January, 2010

Animal Story

Last rays of the moon before day break at our farm.

Woke up early today. Saw the moon still above me. Followed fospa for a morning walk. But wait.....we saw something that explained it all. " No wonder !" said fospa. Now I am beginning to understand why my sleep was interrupted last night when fospa shook me and I sensed something was amiss. Some thudding noises were heard in close quarters to our chalet and for once we thought there were intruders somewhere in the dark. Who could they be? As fospa walked along the soggy farm road his eyes suddenly zeroed in to some prints on the ground. " No, Inul it wasn't people . It must be the sambhur deer that made the noises last night. Here's the proof". I could see the sign of relief on fospa's face as he had a closer examination of the sambhur deer's hooves prints freshly carved into the dirt. Judging by the pattern of steps, the deer must have had a leisurely walk around our farm last night. It's all excitement at the farm the whole day. Fospa's satisfaction and happiness beamed throughout the day as he recalled over and over the visit of the sambhur deer to our farm last night. Inul too. (see inset)

Fresh deer hooves print .
The farm road where the deer hooves print were seen.

Hi, there! I think you're driving me nervous. That's close enough.
Ok, take your best shot or I'll fly away . See ya,
said the grasshopper.
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Remember me Inul?


  1. So cute.;) Love the shot of the cricket.;) All the best for 2010 from Batcat.;)


  2. "Remember me Inul?"

    How can I forget you dear!


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