25 January, 2010

Building conversations #1

Mama Daisy squats on compacted ground.
( Mama be sure to take your bath later, ok!)

Yesterday I celebrated my 2nd birthday. Today we're on a new challenge. I'm a grown up girl now :)) and need to learn something. This challenge will be blogged! that's for sure. Me and Mama Daisy ( see inset)will be wandering around our house and the neighbourhood to check and talk about a housing project. In fact there are two housing developers that have recently started to undertake building construction around our home. Whatever stories we gonna tell comes right out of the trenches. Believe me. This building conversation series will allow us to explore building construction A-Z. For friends and fans out there, you can build your house the DIY way - just follow our story.
Formwork is erected to receive concrete for floor beams.
( Mama is careful. She stands in between the carpenter strings)

An excavator or back hoe does all the major earth compacting, shuffling, clearing works etc. A very important heavy equipment at any construction site these days.
This is the view towards the east, where the hills are.

Looking East. That's after the site has been filled-up, compacted and piled.

See the extra concrete piles that jut off the ground. These piles will hold the house columns or pillars and some floor beams. Note# in the old days timber materials were commonly used as piles. Today many prefer to inject concrete piles into the ground using mechanical or hydraulic means.
( Mama is tired and says it's time to go home and get some cold drinks, Bye for now!)


  1. What a cool post, I always enjoy seeing construction sites.;) These one look very extensive.;)
    Thank you for your absolutely delightful and poignant comment on my yesterday post.;)

  2. Most welcome.Do drop by again to Sarawak:))


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