30 January, 2010

"Daily Cut Flowers" revived

For visitors and fans of my blog Daily Cut Flowers, here's good news. I have decided to revive uploading new compositions. However, the arrangements will be uploaded in a new blog called "MOOD's Creative Curves".
Since I started the daily cut flowers compositions last year, I have created 150 arrangements. This is testament to my concept of the Malaysian Garden called " Laman Kambatik" . Obviously it's not difficult to gather planting materials such as flowers, colourful foliage, bracts, ferns etc from the garden outside provided you create it the " Kambatik" way. Thus making simple compositions are a breeze and absolutely free .

I hope that this year you will be inspired by the beauty of flowers as I do.
Title: Happy to be revived!!


  1. You are such a multifaceted man.;) An artist, a writer, a gardener, a contractor and a musician as well?;))
    I love these flowers, we only see them in pots at the very best.;) Hibiscus is my mothers favorite plant.;) How great that you are reviving your blog.
    Have a great weekend dear friend,

  2. oOOoooooOOo.... so nice the arrangment... yaah..kain itu mcm ku kenal ya..hehehhe...


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