14 January, 2010

Rainy Days, Sleepless Nights

Heavy downpour on the way back from the State Library

Since my arrival in Kuching City (inset) a week ago I've had sleepless nights which should not be the case normally when the weather here is invitingly cold and rainy throughout the past week. It is projected that the heavy rains will be met with high or king tide at various places throughout Sarawak and the public have been warned over the radio, TV and newspapers the likelihood of flooding to some low areas in the Sarawak from today to the end of this week. For many this type of news is a yearly repeat. It look like the monsoon season in Sarawak will be extended to February this year. But I just cannot wait for some nights to be over. At last I made it! Four major assignments were completed within one week of my stay in Kuching which were drafted but not finalised when I was busy working at my farm in Bintulu a fortnight ago. Once all the loose ends of the paper on Business Strategy and Policy were completed and the papers given the final touches, I was happily clearing my study room of papers, books, files, stationaries,etc. Thanks God it's sealed and done. But then a whole new set of papers will be seen scattered in the study for the coming days because from today till next week I have to complete two more papers with a total allowance of 10,000 words. Read again 10,000 words!! on two questions under the subject New Business Venture. I am not complaining. It's the life I've planned for. I've asked for it. Way down inside me I thoroughly enjoy it. It's fun all the way, despite the sleepless nights and constant travelling from Bintulu to Kuching and vice versa. All these because I have set my mind on a life -long learning trajectory. Thus every corner and milestone I meet is a dream come true - rainy days or sleepless nights considered.

Jalan Kulas or Kulas Road in heavy rain today 14/1/10

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  1. It indeed looks like a heavy downpour there!

    I admire (and envy) you for your zest in life.


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