22 February, 2010

Mama was terrified!

Mama looking frightened. What's above the roof?
We're now safe and sound in Kuching. On the 17th of February, we left Bintulu at around 9.30 am and after the usual 10 hours journey through the only road that connects Bintulu to the capital city Kuching ( Pan Borneo Highway), we stepped into our home around 7.45 pm. that evening. At the start of the journey, Mama Daisy was panicky, nervous and looking terrified. She never showed those signs before. What was amiss? About 10 minutes of the journey fospa parked the car by the road shoulder and gave time for Mama to relax and cool down. Theories about why she behaved strangely were discussed. At about the same time I did my 'business'! Oh, the air smelt shit!. Then fospa's head lamp lighted. He got an idea. My 'shit' was placed close to Mama's nose. Sure enough the foul smell neutralised her senses of smell. That trick worked and immediately she stopped being terrified or nervous. Now comes the explanation. Apparently just before we left Bintulu, fospa had asked Ati ( our nursery hand) to vacuum the car. The "fumes'' and smell of the vacuuming process must have produced some unpleasant and fearful odour to her, thus her fear and eagerness to jump out of the car and looking fearful as if something's happening above the car. With Mama feeling safe and sound, fospa continued on with the journey. Below are the memorable journey in pictures. With this 20th trip back Kuching, we garnered a total record of 23,400 km thus far in our record breaking journey as the most travelled cats in Malaysia.

20th trip back Kuching (17-2-10; 23,400 km achieved)

In safe hands. Thanks for the thighs.
Thighs that bind!

Inul sharing the jump seat with Mama

A bend on the Pan Borneo Highway.

Mama looking curious as we entered the town of Sibu.

Early harvest. Many paddy fields around Sri Aman town were ready to be harvested.

CU of a paddy stalk. Rice is the staple food for all Sarawakians.

The last quarter of the journey i.e. from Sri Aman to Kuching we met with heavy tropical storm.


  1. Beautiful and entertaining story. I was already fearing some bad omens that the cat was feeling.;) But the explanation was less supernatural and more natural.;)
    Love the stories of your traveling cats.;)

  2. Am i missing something? You shat in your car, and then proceeded to take your shit and give it to the cat to smell??

    Ewwwwwwwww!! Or am i missing something!??!?


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