20 March, 2010

Images of Kuching Today

Wild fruits sold at Satok Sunday Market

Belimbing Hutan ( Baccaurea angulata)

Asam Paya ( Eleodora conferta )

Keranji ( Dialium indum)

Rambai ( Baccaurea motleyana )

[Note: All the vernacular names are in Malay]


  1. Dear Yussop,

    All the fruits you are showing here reminds me of my carefree childhooh and boyhood in my long house LACHAU (don't mispell or mispronounce).

    The "belimbing hutan" or "buah uchong" we Iban call it, was definitely one of my favourite. They were either grown or grew wild. The skin was soft and easy to peel off. The succulent fruits inside were easy to detach as they were not stuck to the inner part of the skin. And they were really sweet.

    We cannot find it here in the Peninsula. I hope they are now planted in orchards.

  2. they're wild indeed,coming also from a tropical country, i think i've never seen any of these fruits before and from the looks of it. i think i would opt for foto no.3, it almost looks like frozen grapes, at first i even thought they're stones. ^0^

  3. Absolutely amazing and totally foreign to me; fruits or seeds, I have never seen any of these ever in my life before today. Amazing.;)


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